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Your Momma’s So Fat! and Other Non-Sensical Political Rubbish

Apr 12, 12 Your Momma’s So Fat! and Other Non-Sensical Political Rubbish

Invitations to the After Party

Your momma’s so fat, she sat on a quarter and a booger popped out of George Washington’s nose!  Every election season we’re treated to the intellectual equivalent of it:  A lot of he-said/she-said childish drama and accusations concerning one’s character. Let’s recap what we’ve seen so far this year in the GOP Primary race…

  • Mitt Romney hate’s animals and straps his dog to the roof of his car and takes pleasure in firing people.
  • Rick Perry has homosexual tendencies and hunts on a plot of land owned by racists.
  • Michele Bachmann thinks that black families were better off in slavery.
  • Rick Santorum thinks that homosexuals are an issue we must tackle, like terrorism.
  • Newt Gingrich thinks that we should put a base on the moon and divorced his wife when she had cancer.
  • Herman Cain stole an economic plan from the SIMS video game and has a hard time refusing the ladies.
  • Ron Paul is a kook who hates Jews because he doesn’t support Foreign Aid to Israel.

Let’s forget for a moment that  any of this stuff mentioned is potentially true.  Does it hold any relevance in the scheme of politics?  Today, April 12th, a story broke on CBS that made me think of just how tripe politics is, and what’s worse, how the public thrives on this stuff.  In a recent interview, Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen made remarks about Ann Romney, the wife of presidential contender Mitt Romney, and her career choice.  That career choice was a home-maker.  I take zero issues with homemakers and find that to be a noble career choice; as of course do most people.  That’s why it’s such an odd choice of political attack.  And in fact, as soon as the comments were made, right-wing news source Fox News, took the opportunity to pounce on the subject.  You see an attack on a good homemaker like Ann Romney just goes to show how evil and lacking in family values the Left is.  Or at least that is the message from the conservative media.  And of course, one must not question the Romney bumper stickers that were printed and for sale within a few hours of the remark.  They state ‘Mom’s Drive the Economy’.  Because in general, by supporting Romney, we’re supporting mom’s everywhere?  Come on!!  Who doesn’t love mom?  Other than Hitler, nobody is going to vote against mommy dearest?

This all brings me to my next point… why aren’t we talking about the issues?  Let’s for one minute assume that this entire Ann Romney stunt wasn’t exactly that… a stunt.  You see just a few short days ago, Rick Santorum, the ‘family man’ dropped out of the Republican race.  That left a segment of Christian Conservatives and Family Values voters without a Santorum to support.  So naturally what gets paraded around the media?  The homemaker values that mega-millionaire Ann Romney brings to the table.  That’s right, if you visit the Romney’s she’ll bake a cake for you (or have Rosalita do it.)  Why is it that for six months now, we’ve been treated to a replay of  the Bachelor, in which nine Republicans try to outlast each other in a story of who slept with who and who hates what race, creed, gender, etc. etc.?

At a pivotal time like this when the economy has been on the downslope for the better part of a decade, the currency is on an inevitable path to destruction and the country is $16.2 trillion dollars in debt, why are we talking about Ann Romney’s career choice?  The media perpetuates it, because the people thrive on it.  Just something to think about the next time some Liberal strategist insults your good sensibilities, as if they just insulted your momma.

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