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The Easter Entrapment

Apr 08, 12 The Easter Entrapment

Invitations to the After Party

Drivers in West Palm Beach Florida, this week, were greeted with a surprise appearance by the Easter Bunny. During their usual morning commute, they were greeted by a sign toting Easter Bunny reminding them to ‘Buckle Up’. What would appear to be a friendly reminder, however, was actually a Florida Police officer in costume and watching for unbuckled drivers in passing vehicles. A similar program was deemed to be dangerous and discontinued in California. However, on this day Peter Cottontail netted 50 tickets in a two hour timeframe, which the city considers a great success. Regardless of how you feel about seatbelts, this sure begs the question ‘What kind of heartless SOB dresses up as the Easter Bunny to slap a ticket on drivers?’

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