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Sean Hannity and the Pundits: Pandering Extraordinaires

Nov 12, 12 Sean Hannity and the Pundits: Pandering Extraordinaires

Invitations to the After Party

As reported in the Huffington Post, one day after an abysmal showing by the Republicans in the 2012 Presidential Election, the GOP is left scratching their heads. “How could we have lost to the worst sitting president this country has seen in 30 years during a terrible and stagnant economy?”.  I won’t go into a diatribe about the way the party treated the Ron Paul wing, but I will point out how the pundits are once again missing the mark.  The day after the election, GOP policy makers and pundits are pointing out the lack of minority and young votes they drew.

Rather than addressing the freedom message that draws individuals from all walks of life, they instead have emphatically stated that over night they changed their mind on Immigration reform and now favor a quick path to citizenship.  Any semblance of the GOP of Robert Taft and Barry Goldwater, has officially been sold to the highest bidder.  It is my sincerest hope that we will begin to reject these pundits that have brought us George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney, and once again the party is returned to sound fiscal conservatism and a move toward individual Liberty.  Seeing as how I don’t anticipate that, I hope that the people reach a tipping point and reject this two party sham outright.


  1. It had to be this way!

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