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‘Our’s, Not to Reason Why’ : The Rand Endorsement

Jun 08, 12 ‘Our’s, Not to Reason Why’ : The Rand Endorsement

Invitations to the After Party

Theirs not to make reply,

Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do & die,
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.
– Tennyson (The Charge of the Light Brigade)


As many of you know by now, yesterday on Fox’s Hannity Show, the middle of the Paul sons, Senator Rand Paul, endorsed Mitt Romney’s presidential bidFor many of us, we are left scratching our heads, yet still others claim to have seen this coming all along.  ‘Rand is a neocon’ they say.  ‘Rand is impure’ they say.  ‘Rand is a sellout’ they say. This is not an article in support of Rand Paul’s endorsement.  This is not in defense of his motives, or the reasons behind what transpired.  What this is, is a call for reason.

You see, I’ve been at this for some time now.  I have been in support of Liberty and the R3volution since first hearing of Paul back in the 2007 during the 2008 race.  I was left heartbroken in 2008, and much the same, we are at a crossroads in our movement once again.  Like the children’s books ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’, it can get passed in the pages of time, or with the right choices this adventure can continue.  How quickly such a powerful message and movement have been seemingly derailed.  At least according to an angry few who believe that if we only got rid of Jesse Benton, or if we only discarded Rand Paul, or Bruce Fein, or Doug Wead, we could somehow press on and continue to outmaneuver the enemy.  ‘We’ve been infiltrated’ they say.  ‘We’ve been sold down river!’ 

Have we been sold down river?  Is there a mole in the Paul camp?  For two seconds, let’s take off the tin foil hats and take a moment to reflect on our successes.  Despite working against insurmountable odds, we have refused to be silenced.  We have stood on street corners with signs, knocked on doors, phoned-from-home, Facebooked, emailed, picketed, donated, danced, made calendars, run races, marched in parades, rode bikes across the country, walked precincts, organized, caucused, petitioned and voted, all to overcome a political machine; one with unlimited funds, one with unlimited access to the media venues it owns, one with some of the most powerful influences in the world.  Yet against these odds, we have one thing they don’t.  We have the truth!  We have families and friends who know our character and our voice, and trust that over what their televisions tell them.  We maximized our resources and we have had great successes to date.  All around the country, Liberty candidates are unseating establishment Republicans from their perches.  Both at the local precinct level, and in state and national races.  Congressman Paul was once laughed at for his positions on the Federal Reserve, economics and monetary policy, foreign policy and the drug laws.  But now these issues are driving the conversation.  Not for the politicians who say and do anything to get elected, but for the public who is learning to expect these conversations, and expect action on them.  Ron Paul will easily carry at least 5 state delegations to Tampa in August, and maybe many more.

This of course brings me back to the Rand endorsement.  What to make of it?  Did Rand make some backroom deal with the establishment in exchange for personal advancement?  Did Rand genuinely believe that it was the right thing to do?  Was there coercion involved?  Were there threats on the Paul family and their influence moving forward?  One can only speculate on these things.

What I can tell you, is that the boy who grew up idolizing dad so much, that he followed him into medicine, and then politics, is unlikely to have sold out his father.  I would expect fully that the elder Paul was well aware of what was transpiring.  Shortly after this endorsement an email from Campaign For Liberty went out, authored by Rand Paul and titled ‘Backed Into a Corner’.  The details of the email seem inconsequential, but the timing of the title is awfully ironic.  Regardless of the reasoning behind the email, I am left asking one important question: So what does this mean to the Liberty movement? NOTHING!  This means absolutely nothing!  This was not an endorsement from Ron, and this movement has never been about Rand in the first place.  It will continue long after the Paul legacy has been closed in the history books.  That is of course, only if we press on.  So with that said, I will simply say, Press on!


  1. A correction on your article… The “backed into a corner” email that was sent out was sent out well in advance of his endorsement, not after. Best wishes. Arnie.

    • Thanks Arnie. I would note, that I received it after the endorsement. However, it is irrelevant, as the decision of the endorsement was made well in advance of the email going out, I am sure. Especially since Paul met w/ the Romney camp last week. Best wishes and Press on!

  2. I think he’s “giving up” WAY TO SOON> He could still win it on the convention floor! Especially should the 9th circuit court “ORDER” the RNC to follow Federal law and “unbind all delegates” to vote as they please, from the very first round of ballots. In which case, Romney doesn’t stand a chance, too many of Romney’s “bound delegates” ARE Ron Paul supporters.
    Miracles do happen, as many of my personal friends know.

    • nobody has given up. Even til’ the end, I don’t expect Ron to endorse Romney at any point. Though the message seems realistic, it is not conciliatory. Fight on friend! For Liberty!

  3. There is a lot of invested emotion right now with no exit strategy. Does everyone think that if we don’t ride the coat tails of a 76 year old man, all is lost? We have learned from his books, his speeches and his example have we not?
    Now it is time for us to be Ron Paul or Thomas Jefferson, It is time for us to channel this energy into putting local Ron Pauls on the county commissions, on the town councils, and in the state houses. As Cico Rodriguez, co founder of LibertyTakeOver2012 says,it time now to put into practice thinking multi generationally and locally. We liberate our states one at a time, each of us in our own home country. A once again free and sovereign state can influence federal politics much more than our current gnat gnawing the elephant actions. Regardless of what Rand Paul does or doesn’t do, or Jesse Benton or anyone, does that inhibit you and I from being our local Ron Pauls? Nope.
    Press On is great advice. This isn’t some ending, it’s a beginning.

  4. I appreciate your comments. I also think we should take off the tinfoil hats, take a stepback, and realize that Ron and Rand are doing what they feel is best for the liberty movement. We are taking over the GOP. Either way it will happen with time because our supporters are younger and more enthusiastic. Furthermore, Ron and Rand are not infallible. Many of us wish to believe Ron somehow is, but that’s just not the case. Carry on Libertarians with the rEVOLution, we will out in the end.


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