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Gun Ownership: Why It’s Important

Dec 03, 12 Gun Ownership: Why It’s Important

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More and more, I hear the outcry from someone in the media, whose opinion should be irrelevant on the subject, making the case for stricter gun control laws.  Many even suggest an Australia or UK style gun ban in the United States.  Most recently, this occurred following the murder-suicide of KC Chiefs player, Jovan Belcher.  My heart understands this.  People don’t like death, and they don’t like violence.  I can agree with this sentiment.  But my head says, ARE YOU AN IDIOT? and your execution is severely flawed!

The bottom line is that those people who intend to do others harm, simply do not need a gun to do so.  This as evidenced by the bow and arrow attack on a Wyoming College Campus just last week.  It received very little coverage in the MSM, probably because the weapon of choice wasn’t in the sights of the anti-gun groups.  Mind you, that Wyoming is a very gun friendly state.  Guns did not cause, nor prevent this attack from occurring.  So violence and guns are not interchangeable.

Now you will hear both sides of the argument.. ‘if so and so didn’t have access to guns, so and so would still be alive’, or ‘guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people’.. etc..  Personally, I’m not one for sound bytes and think that reciting them is for the intellectually challenged.   To me, there are underlying philosophical questions that have to be addressed in terms of gun laws, and they are more important than one sentence sound bytes, no matter how profound they may be.

1. If the government were to take it upon themselves to ban firearms, who is going to be there to protect the people from bad people?  Is every home going to be assigned a personal police watchman?  What is a reasonable response rate for acting when someone has already kicked down your door or busted in your window?  Most people I know aren’t clairvoyant and don’t call the police ahead of time, knowing that someone is about to break into their house.  Then once someone has broken into your home, is it the proper role for you to play the victim, unarmed, unprotected, and then roll over and play the hostage when the police finally do arrive 5-10 minutes after you call and surround your house?  Or when the police do arrive and have to walk into danger, in a home that they are not familiar with the floor plan, in the dark, not knowing who the good guy or the bad guy is?

2.  What if the government bans certain types of weapons that they deem ‘assault’ or something that gives them a tactical advantage in a fight; an advantage that some think you shouldn’t have in a similar fight?  Say something with a light-weight, synthetic stock, or extra capacity magazine?   You don’t need those sort of things?  You’re a crack shot and will have effectively eliminated the bad guy with your .22LR squirrel gun with the first shot!

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  1. larry tews /

    As a former Sheriff from AZ now living in Crook County, HELLINOIS. we did not have these type of wild west shooting sprees out in the “wild west” !!! but yet Democratic party officials from the mayor of Chicago “murder CITY” to the so called govenor of H-IL, when we know the real govenors name is MADIGAN (state house commandant). and the “crony p.d. sup” in chicago says if we let law abiding citizens carry for defense it will be the wild, wild west… HELLO MR. McCARTHY——– going back to the wild west w/my gun and SAFETY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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