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Gun Ownership: Why It’s Important

More and more, I hear the outcry from someone in the media, whose opinion should be irrelevant on the subject, making the case for stricter gun control laws.  Many even suggest an Australia or UK style gun ban in the United States.  Most recently, this occurred following the murder-suicide of KC Chiefs player, Jovan Belcher.  My...

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Capitalism with Whole Foods Co-Founder: John Mackey

This is an excerpt from ‘The Morality of Capitalism’, a compilation of essays from modern-day economists and business owners. John Mackey, is Co-Founder of Whole Foods, and creator of the ‘Conscious Capitalism’ philosophy.

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The Reality of American Politics

This just about sums it up.  We’re hopeful that our numbers are growing by the day! Invitations to the After...

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The End of My American Political Illusion

Aug 10, 12 The End of My American Political Illusion

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I remember watching the television, as a child, as magician David Copperfield performed one of the greatest illusions of all-time.  With the wave of his hands, he made the Statue of Liberty disappear from the middle of the New York harbor.  One can only imagine the excitement and awe of a child, who has seen the impossible happen....

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The Furby Factor

It’s Christmas and you’ve been camped outside of Walmart for 72 hours awaiting the moment the doors will slide open, and you will make your mad dash for the toy aisle.  This year’s hot product?  The Furby… Tickle Me Elmo… a Playstation 3… whatever it may be, it will be yours.  There is limited...

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