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Arguing Obamacare In My Sleep

I had a dream last night that I was trying to explain why Obamacare is bad to a former pastor.

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A Fix For Healthcare?

This is not an insurance sales pitch, I promise.  Do you have auto insurance?  Do you have home insurance?  Do you have health insurance?  Do you notice any substancial difference between the first two and the latter?  Typically insurance is designed to cover catastrophic events, while predicting risk in order to keep costs...

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Canadians Demand Healthcare: Reject Herd Immunity?

Apr 25, 12 Canadians Demand Healthcare: Reject Herd Immunity?

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Let me start prefacing what this is not.  This is NOT an endorsement or detraction of the merits and safety of vaccinations.  Today in the Canadian version of the Huffington Post online publication, there was an article published on a growing trend of Canadian parents facing challenges of finding doctors who will treat their...

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