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The CPI, Food & Fuel

Feb 05, 13 The CPI, Food & Fuel

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In a recent conversation, someone mentioned that they believe where Ron Paul is incorrect on economics and the Fed, is in suggesting that the real CPI (the Consumer Price Index, i.e. a measure of the cost of goods used in determining inflation rates) is much higher if you account for fuel and food prices. The government uses 2...

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Capitalism with Whole Foods Co-Founder: John Mackey

This is an excerpt from ‘The Morality of Capitalism’, a compilation of essays from modern-day economists and business owners. John Mackey, is Co-Founder of Whole Foods, and creator of the ‘Conscious Capitalism’ philosophy.

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Was the Housing Crash Avoidable, and Is It Over?

I was recently reading the 1946 economics text, Economics in One Lesson, by renowned 20th century economist Henry Hazlitt, when I came across this gem: “The advocates of government-guaranteed mortgages also forget that what is being lent is ultimately real capital, which is limited in supply, and that they are helping...

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US District Court Rules Iran Must Pay 9/11 Victims $6 Billion

UPI is reporting that a US District Court judge in New York has ruled Iran, in connection with other terrorist organizations, to be liable for the 9/11 attacks of 2001.  The terms of the suit state that $6 Billion must be paid to the families of 9/11.  There is ongoing discussion as to whether or not Iranian assets may be seized...

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Why Social Security Won’t Be Around For You

Want to know why Social Security is insolvent?  Here’s the governments own statistics.  Straight from the Social Security Administration.       Year / Workers (thousands) / Beneficiaries (thousands) / Ratio 1940 / 35,390 / 222 / 159.4 to 1 2011 / 132,600 / 60,403 / 2.2 to 1 Avg. Monthly benefit: $1,177 Median...

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The Furby Factor

It’s Christmas and you’ve been camped outside of Walmart for 72 hours awaiting the moment the doors will slide open, and you will make your mad dash for the toy aisle.  This year’s hot product?  The Furby… Tickle Me Elmo… a Playstation 3… whatever it may be, it will be yours.  There is limited...

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