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Mass Tragedy: What Are We Missing?

On the afternoon of Monday, April 15, two IED devices were detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  Three people were killed and scores of others injured in the blasts.  Immediate responses followed from all those who cared to share their opinion on the matter, and the nation demanded retribution.  Much of the cable...

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CBS Affiliates Slip Election Results Early

Oct 22, 12 CBS Affiliates Slip Election Results Early

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The Daily Caller first reported, that KPHO, a CBS affiliate in Phoenix, AZ, accidently ran pre-programmed election results 2 weeks ahead of the election.

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The DNSChanger Trojan: What You May Not Have Known

You may have heard in the news today about an impending internet shutdown for upwards of 65,000 PC users around the country infected with a trojan called DNSChanger.  What does that mean?  A DNS or Domain Name Server acts as a directory for the internet.  Every website and network location on the internet has an IP or Internet...

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