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A R3volution Rally Cry

May 23, 12 A R3volution Rally Cry

Invitations to the After Party

America: Still the land of the free?  Not now, for many around the country.  Some may come across, and wonder why such a site exists?  It exists for precisely what the American Public has seen on display this primary season.  You see America is supposed to be a land of opportunity.  It’s supposed to be a place where ordinary citizens can partake in the civic arena, and voice their grievances to a delegation of their peers.  This, in order that change might be affected for the better.  But  apparently, that only applies if your idea of government fits a preconceived mould that has been created for you.  Just ask any supporter of Presidential Candidate and Texas Congressman, Ron Paul.

You see it is Paul’s grassroots who have been the envy of every other political campaign; more so than possibly any to have ever existed in American politics.  His supporters have out-campaigned, out-worked, out-fundraised, out-caucused and out-maneuvered the establishment Republican Party in every way.  This, not in some effort to subvert the party and hand elections over to adversaries.  This, to save the party from itself, and in doing so, save their country.  Yet for all of their work, they’ve been misrepresented by the mainstream media.  They’ve been slandered by DC pundits and politicians.  They’ve  been cheated at their local polls, and they’ve been defrauded at their State Conventions.  No other candidate in history has endured such an onslaught from the good ole’ boy network, and yet seen such measures of success.  But success for Paul’s supporters, cannot be stratified in a single beauty contest.  It must be measured in micro-conversions.  These are the individual battles that take place where the rubber meets the road.  The parent, who for the first time has been introduced to civic truth and integrity by an impassioned child.  The passer-by, who questions ‘what kind of politician could  garner several thousand supporters to stand outside in mother natures’ harshest, only to hear an encouraging word from an ineloquent country doctor?’   And the state and local political races, that have seen inspired bench-warmers get off of the sidelines and work for something greater than themselves.

How is it, others may ask, that a simple message of Liberty, delivered by a modest Texas grandfather, is able to inspire such fervor?  I will tell you how:  While some campaigns rely solely on fairy tales designed to stifle the imaginations of a sleeping public, Paul’s supporters have awoken.  Have you ever slept so long and so thoroughly, that upon waking, the day demanded you do something?  The security and comfort of the blankets could no longer hold you down from conquering the day?  Such, is the effect of  truth.  It is immediately recognizable by its departure from the norm.  It isn’t new, but in fact has always existed.  We simply needed someone to remind us that we once ‘held these Truths to be self evident’.

And so now that we are awake, we press on with the day.  Enduring the parting shots of those who prefer to write the narratives of the sleepers dreams.  We are no longer afraid of the nightmare.  We won’t be checking under the bed for monsters.  We are the shapers and molders of the future.  We will continue to wake up, lace up, and push back against the corruption and the power brokers.  We have taken many a field in battle, but recognize the war is far from over.  Until all of the sleepers wake.



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    Love it! Keep up the good work!

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    God Bless You and Yours!!


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